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Welcome to Gojjam Cultural Center


Call to Concerned Citizens

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We all need to wake up before it is too late!!!

May peace prevail in you and your loved ones? Allow us to throw a few words which you already know about Gojjam.

It was once the center of colonial resistance, love, education, arts and hard working people.

Many were amazed by the stamina of the enduring people in this region during the fight with colonizers against the Italian invasion and in several other battle fields together with their national brothers and sisters.

Others were touched by the generous help out made by the people of this region to other brothers during bad times.

Even more are surprised by the talents and skills embedded in the area which are still serving as an endless ocean of the today’s creative arts, music and education.

Several others are still coming from abroad to search for the source of Nile following what is written in the Bible. Read more...


Establishing the Gojjam Cultural Centre

The former Gojjam Administrative Region, which is largely bounded by the mighty Blue Nile river, comprises what used to be known as Agew Midir, Bahir Dar, Bichena, Debre Markos, Kola-Dega Damot, Metekel and Motta Awrajas. See the map of Gojjam.

Gojjam is endowed with very rich cultural and natural endowments and is noted for its intellectual heritages.

The Tisisat Fall, which is found at the mouth of the Blue Nile River, and Lake Tana are among the most magnificent natural endowments found in Gojjam. Lake Tana – the biggest lake in Ethiopia – also houses a number of island churches and monasteries some of which are recongised by UNESCO as having good potentials for domestic and international tourism.  The meadows and farmlands of Gojjam which are judiciously harnessed by the industrious peasantry of the region are among the factors that prompted many to characterise Gojjam as one of the bread baskets of Ethiopia. Read more...


Location and design of the center





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